"Guardians of Nature"

"Guardians of Nature"Municipal Palace in Mornico Losana, Pavia, Italy

 exhibition of painting and sculpture that title"Guardians of Nature",

which as the guest of honor, took place in the Conciliar room of City Hall in Mornico Losana, Pavia, Italy,

on September 13, 2014.The sample group contained oil paintings on canvas and sculptures bronce. the sample also exhibited at the Rafael Landivar University

with the support of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Chamber of Commerce and Indistria Italian in Guatemala Del 29/10/2014 17 / 11/2014.

"..............." Guardians of Nature "expresses my own vision about how Nature gives us through our contemplation and experience, the integration of our being, mental, physical and spiritual level ... ..

since we live in a world that makes us feel many times "disintegrated" by the concern of the problems we face every day in different aspects of our life and it is through that immerse yourself in nature,

which brings us back integration, as redemption of man. "In this exhibition Piccinini Italian wines, which are produced in northern Italy and who asked Elsie W.

his works for labels (including a landscape of our beautiful Lake Atitlan) of these prestigious wines known in several countries were presented world .