EsposizioneTriennale di ArtiVisive a Roma 2014 –“Last Paradise”

EsposizioneTriennale di ArtiVisive a Roma 2014 –“Last Paradise”

21/11/2014 – 3/12/2014

The artist Elsie Wunderlich was special guest representing Guatemala in the exhibition Trienalle di artiVisive 2014, Roma.en which had the opportunity to present through his work, his own vision and expression.

At the same time, a vehicle exchange between cultures and ways of expression of different origins, contributing to the necessary strengthening of links between the nations and their artists, called today more than ever to build a company

that knows how to preserve the peculiarities of each and respect for all.The work was exhibited at the following locations:

Salon No. 1

National Central Library of Rome, Viale Castro Pretorio 105, Rome

Salon # 2

Cloister of Bramante, Via Arco della Pace 5, Rome.

Salon # 3

Art GalleryMaggiore, Via Santa MariaMaggiore 149, Rome.