Curriculum Vitae




Elsie  Wunderlich

Born in Guatemala. Received the Citizen of the City of Mornico Losana, Pavia, Italy in 2012. 

Sculptor and painter in different media.

From an early age Elsie Wunderlich always showed his passion for art.
She began studying painting and drawing at the age of 16 years.
She studied Architecture and Art History, at the University Francisco Marroquín and  at the National School of Fine Arts in Guatemala, and participate in Art workshops with different masters in the art field in Guatemala, Italy, Spain and France.

She has developed a very personal artistic language in both painting and sculpture. Nature has been her constant source of inspiration, through her art expresses the integration of the human being and Nature.

She has made thirty-six solo exhibitions and more than a hundred group exhibitions in galleries, Museums, Art fairs, Biennials and prestigious universities ,  in Guatemala , different cities of the United States, also in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, France and Italy.

She was elected as coordinator between Guatemala and Italy, for Venice Biennale, in 2015 , 2017, 2018 , which is most prestigious Art  Biennial in the world .

It is worth mentioning some of its exhibitions:

2018 - Biennale of architecture.

2017 - 57th Venice Biennale Edition, Pavilion Guatemala.

2016 – “Queen Nature” Exhibition at Certosa Cantu Casteggio,

2016 – “Queen Nature Exhibition” at the Castle Mornico Losana, Italy.

2015 - exhibition at the Venice Biennale Pavilion Grenada "Grazie Italia"-

2015 - participated in the Venice Biennale Pavilion Guatemala.-

2014 - Triennale di Roma , "Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale OF ROME""CHIOSTRO DEL BRAMANTE OF ROME" "MAGGIORE ART GALLERY OF ROME"

2014 - 4th International Festival of Art at the Embassy of  Iraq , the IV International Festival of Art for Dialogue and   Peace between Peoples and Religions,

2014 - exhibition at the Comune of Mornico Losana, Pavia Italy.

2014 - "Art in the Streets" with  the Gallery,  Foundation Rozas Botrán, event dedicated to ecology and nature   conservation, with selection for the participation of 10 renowned national and international  artists event whose works were exhibited in mupies around Guatemala City .

2013 -  "Elsie  at Mornico" council hall of Mornico Losana city of Pavia, Italy,

2013 -   Basilica of St. Paul  Outside the    Walls in Rome "Francis, the saint of the Holy Father".

2013 -  "Expressions of a nature tour" in the palace of Certosa Cantu in Casteggio,  Italy

2012 -  International Art Fair "Spoleto" in Umbria Italy.

2011  , 2012, at the Cantinone Medievale the Comune Di Giorgi Pietra.

2012 -   Castle of Mornico Losana, and the gallery La Pigna Rome.

2011 – 2012-  at the University of Pavia.

2004- "Nouvelle Tendance figurative" in Paris,.

1998 -  Louisiana In Ziegler Museum, USA

1994 - Biennale Of Latin American Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2003 - Art Fair "Art Miami" Convention Center in Florida USA

1999 - "Women in the Arts" Museum of Latin American Art, MOLAA, California, USA

1999 - "VIII Iberoamerican Exhibition" Meridian International Center in Washington DC

- Centenary Of Frida Kahlo at the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala.

- Centenary Of Pablo Neruda in Chilean Embassy in Guatemala

- Museum Of Modern Art in Guatemala, Biennial of Art Paiz Guatemala,

His work is in private collections in different countries, buildings and museums


-2015, Awarded at the Venice Biennale by the international press , named  as one of the   best artists of Guatemala Pavilion in this Biennial.

- 2015, Award granted by the Commissioner of Guatemala Pavilion, Daniele Radini Tedeschi Prize for originality and artistic value of the work on display at the national flag of Guatemala present at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015

-In January 2014 he received a diploma from the National Council for Protected Areas "CONAP"

For his work depicts the value of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. in collaboration with the Foundation Botrán Rozas.

-Prize Paint in the painting contest gallery La Pigna in Rome. 2014 .

-In November 2012 he received honorary citizenship of the community of Mornico Losana Italy, to publicize that community nationally and internationally through its Art.

-In October 2009 he received the medal for "Artist of the Year" by the organization "Artist of the Year in Guatemala." Organized by the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute.

-In 1987 he received the prize for painting at the second National Painting Competition Shell.


His work has been published in several books and magazines Art,

Catalog , Guatemala Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori Publishing GRAZIE ITALIA 2015 Magazine "Arts" of the Dominican Republic, in the Magazine "Fermenti" Italy in January 2011 and in art books Guatemala, "The Magazine" Rozas Botrán edition # 3. In addition to articles in the international press and various international media.


Design Tags of Italian wines "Piccinini" wine company PICCININI, northern Italy, with paintings and sculptures by the artist (Elsie).


Annual participation in various art auctions for charity:

-Juannio, Auction fundraising for the Institute of Neurology,

 Guatemala city.

-Subasta Art, Rotary Club, Guatemala City.

Art Exhibition Junkabal, Anacafé Guatemala

Art Exhibition in May, National Museum of Modern Art

Botrán Rozas Foundation, Guatemala City







- "Queen Nature" Exhibition in Certosa Cantu  Casteggio, Italy.
- "Queen Nature" Exhibition at the Castle Mornico Losana, Italy.


- City exhibition in Vigevano, Italy.


- "Guardians of Nature" Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala.

- "Guardians of Nature" Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala.

- "Guardians of Nature" council room of city of Pavia Mornico Losana, Italy

- Outdoor exhibition "Night of Magic Strings" Event Municipality of Guatemala, Project 18 Park Street in Zone 14, Guatemala.


- "Expressions of a nature tour" Certosa Cantú- Casteggio Pavia, Italy.


- "Art Show" Residence of the Embassy of Italy in Guatemala."International Art Fair"       Spoleto "Umbria, Italy.
- "Scenarios for a World of Light" Unione Cattolica Artisti Italiani Gallery La Pigna,            Rome.
-"Scenarios for a World of Light" Comune DePavia and University of Pavia, Italy.
- "Scenarios for a World of Light 'Castello di Pavia Mornico Losana, Italy.
- "Scenarios for a World of Light ', Ana Lucia Gomez Gallery Latin American Art,             Guatemala.


- "Passion of the Tropics" Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala.
-"Passion of the Tropics" Italian Institute of Culture, Guatemala.
- "Passion of the Tropics" Pietra Cantinone de'Giorgi in the Middle Ages, Pavia, Italy.
- "Passion of the Tropics" University of Pavia, Italy.


- "Temple of Nature" Elsiestudio, Guatemala.


- "Intimacy with Nature" Holy School. Thomas Aquinas Walk museums,
Hotel Casa Santo Domingo Antigua Guatemala.

- “Landscapes from an Inner- Reflection” Summerlin Library Art Gallery Las Vegas, USA.


- Gallery Prinardi Normandie Hotel, Puerto Rico.September 15 commemoration              Reception Hall Puerto Rico government.                                                         - -            - "Landscapes for Love" Elsiestudio (Study of the Artist), Guatemala.


- "Intimate Landscape" The study (Study Artist) Guatemala.


- "Interior Landscape" Gallery Rocio Quiroa, Guatemala.


- "Roots" Gallery polyhedron, Guatemala.


- Dean Day Gallery, Houston Texas, USA.
- Ziegler Museum, Jenings Louisiana, USA.


- "Splendors of Summer in Giverny" Tunnel Gallery, Guatemala.


- "Reflections of Autumn in Giverny" Tunnel Gallery, Guatemala.


- "Giverny Monet's Garden" Gallery Tunnel, Guatemala.


- Museum Ixchel, Guatemala.


- Forum Gallery, Guatemala.


- National School of Plastic Arts, Guatemala.



-16th Venice Architecture Biennale


- 57th Venice Biennale


Exposition kunstmoment Diepenheim, Holanda.


- 56th Venice Biennale

- Exhibition at the Venice Biennale Pavilion Grenada "Grazie Italia"


- "Fourth festival of art for dialogue and peace between peoples and religions ",               Embassy of Iraq to the Holy See in Rome.

- Artwork for the benefit of "Partner for Surgery" at The Penn Club of NewYork, USA  - - Selected artist gallery Botrán Rozas, Northern Bank, MiamiUSA 

- Selected artist, Triennale di Roma

1 saloon "Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale OF ROME"

2nd saloon "twine CHIOSTRO OF ROME"



- “Artiste a Confronto” Galleria Della Pigna, Roma. 
- “Columbia Beach “ Ladispoli ” 12-14 de Julio Ucai Roma Gal.La Pigna Y Ucai                Ladispoli


- International Art Fair "Spoleto" in Umbria, Italy

- "The Crazzione" Galeria La Pigna, Rome.


- Project "Miniatures in Cover 2006" Art Gallery Berri Santo Domingo.Prinardi Gallery, - Florida, West Palm Beach USA.Project "Miniatures Home" Convention Center in          Puerto Rico Arts magazine.


- Park Avenue Gallery, Winter Park, Florida, USA.


- "Nouvelle Tendances figurative" Galerie Artitude Paris.Gallery Francisco Nader,             Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


- Individual Hispanic Museum of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.6 Painters, A night in              Guatemala, MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art), California, USA.Art Miami,          Miami International Art Fair, USA.


- “Dreams of Green and Gold” Meridian International Center Washington DC, USA.


- “Las Américas”, Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin Art, USA.


- Women for the Arts, University Santa Barbara, California, USA.


- Women in the Arts, IMF, Washington DC, USA.


- San Cristobal Las Casas, Mexico, organized by Directorate General of Fine Arts of      Guatemala.


- Yucatan, Mexico, organized by Directorate General of Fine Arts of Guatemala.



Exhibition "Time of Angels" at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, organized by the Patronato de Santo Domingo.


Exhibition of art to benefit the Rotary Club in the Historic CenterGuatemala city

- "Green Art" Art in the Streets Foundation Botrán Rozas, Paseo Cayalá. Art exhibition to benefit the Rotary club in the historic center of Guatemala City


- Women and Café, Gallery Foundation Rozas BotránArt Mayo Foundation Gallery Rozas Botrán


- Junkabal, building  Anacafe


- Auction ladies Rotarians South Guatemala, Ixchel Museum, Guatemala.


- Auction ladies Rotarians South Guatemala, Ixchel Museum, Guatemala.Junkabal art - exhibition, Anacafé GuatemalaArt Exhibition in May, National Museum of Modern Art


- Botrán Rozas Foundation National Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala.Miniatures        Gallery Tunnel, Guatemala.


- Funsilec, Hotel Intercontinental and Mr. Dionisio Gutierrez House -   

-"Guatemala.Junkabal Anacafé, Guatemala.Cristine Hands "Panza Verde                         Antigua Guatemala.

Art in May "National Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala.


- "Homage to Frida Kahlo" Embassy of Mexico, Guatemala.Funsilec, House of Mr. Dionisio Gutierrez, Guatemala.


- Paiz Art Biennial, Guatemala.Juannio National Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala.SOSEP (Social Work Chair.) Guatemala.


- Silent Auction, Diplomatic Ladies Association of Guatemala, Hotel Marriott, -                - Guatemala.Cima Foundation Alliance Française in Guatemala"Very Special Arts" -    -  Bancafé, Guatemala."SOSEP" Social Works of the First Lady, Lucia Gomez Latin American Art Gallery, Guatemala.


 -Junkabal, Anacafe.Neruda painting, IGA. Organized by the Embassy of Chile in -        - Guatemala.Inauguration of the Pyramid Gallery.Selected Guatemala, Maestro Roberto Ossaye Artists and Artists of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on Pyramid Gallery.

-Gallery opening of Ana Lucia Gomez, Latin American Art, Guatemala.

-Botrán Roses Foundation, Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala.Publication of Book "Caribbean and Central America" Francisco Nader, Latin American Art


- Rozas Botrán, Camino Real.


- Selected Work, Juannio."Guatemalan Women in the Arts" Hotel Casa Santo Domingo."Brushes Solidarity" Rotary Club Metropolis Bancafé.1999 Actual Work Realistic Gallery polyhedron.


- Art Auction Guatemala South Rotary Club.


- Salvation Lake, Anacafé.


- Landscapes of Guatemala, Attico Gallery.Latin American Biennial in Santo Domingo, organized by Foundation of Art Paiz.Ixchel Museum.


- Auction Juannio exposure (1992 to date).


- Art Auction, South Rotary Club Guatemala.


- Art Auction, South Rotary Club Guatemala.Gallery Tunnel.Paiz Art Biennial.


- Little Work of Contemporary Art, Gallery Forum. Competition Shell Guatemala. (Hons)Gallery Tunnel.


- 9 Guatemalan Painters Gallery Tunnel.Gallery Tunnel.Annual Art Competition, Shell.


- Art Exhibition, "Cadets of Christ"


- 14 Guatemalan Painters, Gallery Tunnel.


- Paiz Art Biennial.Auction Exhibition, "Forget me not" Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala.

- Auction VII Exhibition of Fine Arts SOS Dzunum Gallery.

- Gallery Tunnel.National Library of Guatemala.


- Auction exhibition, "SOS Children" Gallery Dzunum


- IFES Guatemala.